Designers and Builders of Top-Tier Hot Rods.

Red Mustang 3/4 view

Mike Kelly of Vanquish Motorsports has been building cars and motorcycles since the mid-eighties. Growing up in the middle of the Pro-street era had a huge effect on the direction that Mike went with his builds and goals of what a hot rod car or bike should be. Mike and his craftsmen at Vanquish have the ability to build anything from the ground up and can accommodate the needs of the most discerning hot rod enthusiast.

Vanquish has many pro-touring style builds successfully completed and driving for thousands of miles. We specialize in LS swaps and pride ourselves in building extremely high performance daily drivers. If you already have a car and find yourself not quite satisfied with it, don’t worry, we have the ability to dial in your current ride and make it exactly what you envision. Many cars have come to us partially done, we have the knowledge and the patience to finish it and make it the driver you know it can be.

Please feel free to call us and discuss your project.