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As seen on ToyMakerz TV!

The Vanquish V8 Motorcycle is the absolute top of the food chain in the V8 motorcycle world.  We only use the very best components money can buy.  Our chassis, swing arms and handle bars are custom built exclusively for Vanquish using the best materials and the best craftsmen available.  Our engines are built exclusively for our bikes by Dart Engineering.  Our engines are built, tuned and dyno tested before being shipped to our Marco Island, Florida facility.

The key ingredient to the Vanquish V8 Motorcycle that makes it stand head and shoulders above all other V8 bikes is our custom built and designed proprietary transmission.  We start with a fully race prepped two speed powerglide transmission, we have a custom billet bellhousing and a custom billet 90 degree gearbox.  We use a custom torque converter with a true 2,500 rpm stall and the final drive is your choice of a three inch carbon fiber belt or a custom 630 chain.  Our transmission is absolutely bullet proof and our driveline packages are the best in the industry.  You CANNOT buy better parts.  When the best craftsmen assemble the best parts, you get the best V8 bike on the planet, a VANQUISH!