The Custom Design Experience.

Purchasing a Vanquish V8 motorcycle is a one-on-one experience. Personal attention to every design detail you envision begins with your visit to our facility located on Marco Island, Florida. We want you to stay here with us, hang out with us, ride with us and make sure you are 110% satisfied before you leave. As Mike says, “Vanquish owners are our friends for life. We want a very exclusive private club experience for our owners.”

While on Marco Island, you’ll sit with expert designers and leave with a detailed rendering of the actual motorcycle you will receive in eight weeks. The frame, front end, and major body work are standard, but about 40% of your bike is your own creation. Options include some of the body design, as well as your own custom-designed and fabricated wheels with matching pulley and brake rotors. You can do virtually anything with the wheel/pulley/ rotor design…limited only by your imagination. Expert designers will assist you in selecting something unique to your bike. Mike's answer to every question is "Yes! Everything is a function of time and money."

The price for a Vanquish V8 starts at $95,000.00. We ask for 1/3 at your development conference, 1/3 in 4 weeks, and the balance upon delivery.


Vanquish uses only BRODIX Engine Blocks, Cylinder Heads and Intake Manifolds.

All engines are dyno tested and broken-in before installation.
Dyno sheets provided with every motor. The Dyno doesn't lie!

  • VEMS (Vanquish Engine Management System)
    click for more info this is a MUST READ!

  • Unlimited choice of paint and graphics

  • Carbon Fiber or Silver Series Gauges

  • Unlimited Chrome Options

  • Joker Controls (Upper and Lower)

  • Choice of Seating Material (Alligator, Ostrich, Snakeskin, Sting Ray)

Vanquish V8